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9788189233051Cooperative Capitalism: A Blueprint for Gloabl Peace and ProsperityHBSmith, J WRs 400.002005
9788189233068Cooperative Capitalism: A Blueprint for Global Peace and Prosperity (PB)PBSmith, J WRs 200.002005
9789386615602Corporate Law in India: Reflective Aspects and Developing ScenarioEBAmit Kumar KashyapRs 11770.002018
9788187498315Development Discourse: Issues and ConcernsHBOommen, T KRs 150.002004
9788189233945Microfinance: Models, Policies and ExperienceHBBarik, Susanta KumarRs 1995.002015
9789351308140Microfinance: Models, Policies and ExperienceEBS K BarikRs 11520.002016
9788189233174Polity and Economy: Agenda for Contemporary North East IndiaHBThomas, C JoshuaRs 1195.002018
9789352220267Situating Education, Employment and Economy of Scheduled Tribes of North East IndiaHBMarchang, ReimeingamRs 995.002019
9788189233402Society and Economy in North East india Vol 2HBQadri, Fozail AhmadRs 2495.002018
9788189233600Society and Economy in North East india Vol 3HBSyiemlieh, D R & ManRs 1995.002018
9788187498131Survey of Research in Economics on North East india 1970-1990HBSrivastav, NirankarRs 200.002000
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