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Developing Agro Enterprises Among Farm Women: A Case of Amul by Rao, V. M.
ISBN: 9789354613906
Binding: E-Book
Biblio: xi+108p
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Pages: 119
Imprint: Regency Publications
Year: 2023
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Equality of opportunity and treatment between and men in the world of work remains elusive as we enter 21st century. Society stands to be the loser for not fully harnessing all of its human resources towards its sustainable development. The knowledge about the performance of women managed societies vis-à-vis men managed societies would be useful for managerial decision making especially to the organizers of milk unions, government officials and researchers. Though there are attempts to study the working of ‘all women’ dairy cooperative societies there has not been any comprehensive study so far to compare the performance of women and men managed societies. The above studies on ‘all women’ dairy cooperative societies also did not consider various physical, financial, managerial, and gender related issues in detail. In the wake of delicensing of dairy sector, it will be important to know the factors responsible for success and/or failure of these societies as it will provide clues to organizers as to how to create and sustain member loyalty so as to get continued supply of milk. The overall objective of the study is to evaluate the performance of women managed dairy cooperatives and draw lessons for future policy planning exercises.