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9788189233426Encyclopaedia of World Medicinal Plants in 5 VolsHBPullaiah, TRs 19995.002018
9789351300427Flora of Barak Valley, Assam : With their Economic Utility (Vol 1)EBB K Dutta, M Dutta CRs 14450.002013
9788189233839Flora of Barak Valley, Assam: With their Economic Utility (Vol 1)HBDutta, P S et alRs 2700.002013
9789388982023Flora of Eastern Ghats Vol 5: Nyctaginaceae CeratophyllaceaeHBPullaiah, T, S SandhRs 3495.002019
9788187498162Flora of Guntur District Andhra Pradesh, IndiaHBPullaiah, T et alRs 1695.002000
9788187498018Flora of Ranga Reddi DistrictHBPullaiah, T & M SilaRs 995.002000
9789351307839Flora of Telangana in 3 Vols.EBT PullaiahRs 36765.002016
9788189233983Flora of Telangana in 3 Vols.HBPullaiah, TRs 6995.002015
9789351307952Indian Floriculture - Role of CSIREBDatta S KRs 12655.002016
9788187498513Medicinal Plants in Andhra PradeshHBPullaiah, TRs 995.002002
9788187498575Medicinal Plants in India in 2 VolsHBPullaiah, TRs 2495.002002
9789352220229Taxonomy of Angiosperms 4th Revised EdnHBPullaiah T & S KarupRs 2495.002018
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