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Flora of Thummalapalle Uranium Mining Area, Andhra Pradesh, India by S Sandhya Rani, T Pullaiah, B Sadasivaiah, K Raja
ISBN: 9789386615855
Binding: E-Book
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Pages: 616
Imprint: Regency Publications
Year: 2018
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About the Book
Flora of Thummalapalle Uranium Mining Area in Kadapa and Anantapuramu districts of Andhra Pradesh is the base line floristic study of 30 km radius from the Mining site. A total of 892 taxa belonging to 869 species under 455 genera and 104 families of Angiosperms have been enumerated. Pteridophytes include 14 species under 13 genera and 12 families while Bryophytes include 22 taxa belonging to 21 species under 14 genera and 8 families. Under each family key to the genera followed by the genus with its authority, key to the species, followed by species enumeration is given. The enumeration of the species include the complete citation according to ICN, basionym if any, synonyms to connect to Flora of British India and Flora of Presidency of Madras. It is followed by detailed description, distribution in the 30 km radius, flowering and fruiting period, vernacular name and specimens examined. Local uses of some species have also been provided. References, index to families, genera, species and local names are given at the end. The book is profusely illustrated with 21 plates of colour photographs of 120 plants. This book will be useful to administrators, foresters, botanists, ecologists and scientist who are working on plants as bio-indicators, and also bio-remediation.